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About Us

wäsche is a waterless eco-friendly car wash that comes to you, providing a seamless on-demand experience and transforming the dreadful chore of getting a carwash into an effortless 2-click process.

Our certified Waschers are equipped with our proprietary eco-friendly and biodegradable waterless solutions that leave your car showroom clean and use less than 1 cup of water per wash.

With California in its most severe drought, there couldn’t be a better time for you to try wäsche and save more than 38 gallons of water per wash!


Small & Mid-Size Vehicles (BMW 3 series, Honda Accord, Lexus RX350) EXTERIOR ONLY

  • Clean exterior
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Tire shine

Full-Size Vehicles (Tesla Model S, Mercedes S-Class, Audi Q7) EXTERIOR ONLY

  • Clean exterior
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Tire shine


  • Clean door jams
  • Vacuum carpets & mats
  • Wipe dashboard & console
  • Interior windows
* An additional charge of $5 will be added for extra large vehicles, trucks, and vans.

The Waterless Solution

wäsche uses proprietary eco-friendly and biodegradable waterless solutions that have been extensively refined over the last 10 years to “lift” the dirt off of your vehicle’s surfaces without causing any swirl marks or marring; leaving it looking showroom clean. Our solution has been proven safe by high-end car manufacturers.

Every wash is backed by wäsche’s $1M general liability policy.
Up to $300K per incident.

California is in its
in history

The state has mandated that cities reduce water consumption by up to 36%

To achieve their goals, cities have placed fines of UP TO $1,000 PER DAY for home car washing

A professional car wash uses an average of 38 gallons of non-recycled water per car wash
As many as 140 gallons of water can be used in a 10 minute home car wash
Home car washing releases contaminated water into the environment (soap, oils, sludge, etc.)


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